Visionary Leader

Mr. Y Guruswamy Naidu, Founder and CMD of Celkon Group, boasts over three decades of groundbreaking experience in the mobile industry. A pioneer in retail, distribution, and manufacturing, he embodies the philosophy “Here to Where,” emphasizing success as an ongoing journey.

From humble beginnings, Mr. Guru has revolutionized mobile and electronics manufacturing, seamlessly blending technology and human sensibilities. Under his leadership, Celkon Group thrives on passion and innovation, shaping the future of the industry. His journey stands as a beacon in the fast-paced tech world, showcasing the impact of visionary leaders.

Murali Retineni

Empowering tech visionary with his inspiring leadership.

Murali Retineni, our esteemed Executive Director, possesses a remarkable skillset for brand building and product development that resonates with market needs. Dedicated to bringing the best global technology to the local market, he empowers and enriches customers’ lives. An entrepreneurial paragon, Murali inspires positive societal impact and demonstrates an unparalleled understanding of customer sensibilities. His successful execution of challenging projects in mobile handset and component design and manufacturing has earned accolades for efficiency and quality from industry leaders.

Innovators from the Beginning Founded in 2009, Celkon has emerged as a symbol of innovation and quality in the mobile industry. From pioneering feature phones to becoming one of India’s top 5 mobile brands, our journey is marked by groundbreaking achievements.

Notable Milestones include


At Celkon, our vision is to lead the charge in transformative innovation across key areas:
Interactive Flat Panels:
Revolutionizing Education: We’re dedicated to reshaping education through smart classrooms and Interactive Flat Panels, providing a tech-enhanced learning experience for educators and students.
Lab Setup:
Dynamic Learning: Celkon aims to establish top-tier lab setups, fostering innovation and hands-on exploration for an enriched learning experience.
5G Technology:
Next-Gen Connectivity: Embracing 5G, we unlock new communication possibilities, transcending boundaries and fueling collaboration and innovation.
IoT and Smart Devices:
Pioneering Efficiency: Celkon pioneers innovations in IoT and Smart Devices, making lives more efficient, connected, and secure.